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Moving to Greece

Why wait when you can buy a house in Greece today? Sure, lots of things need to be done, but no worries. We are your single point of contact and trusted partner when moving to Greece. Our job is to serve the best interest of our clients when buying a house in Greece. We have an extensive network of real estate partners through which, we can source the right house, apartment or villa for sale.

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The Team
Who we are

Hi, we are Harry & Nick, the Co-founders of M·GREECE. We work closely with an extensive network of Real Estate Agents across Greece to source properties matching you criteria. In addition, our core team provides Law, Civil Engineering and Accounting services to fully meet our clients' needs. Our partners perform all types of house checks, to ensure that all legal requirements are met, before proceeding to the house contracts.


buy a house in greece

What we do

If you are reading these lines, it's definite that you consider buying your very own house in Greece. It can be your lifelong dream or an investment decision. Our job is to handle the entire house buying process on your behalf as to minimize the time and effort on your part. We take care of the details to offer you peace of mind. We foresee the unforeseeable to offer you protection.

We’re on the buyers side, We’re end-to-end Buyer's agents (or buyers advocates). Put simply, we are professionals that specialise in searching, evaluating and negotiating the purchase of a property on behalf of the buyer. We work exclusively for you, not the seller. We help you save time, save money, alleviate stress and maximize your returns.

buy a house in greece

We are the closest thing to buying a house in Greece with a push of a button. Hiring us is the wisest decision you can make. hire us

Relocating to Greece

Complete Relocation Services

We are your single point of contact and trusted partner when moving to Greece. We'll help you buy a house in Greece, ship your belonging & car, buy furniture, renovate your apartment or villa, connect to the internet and register for TIN & Health Insurance. Last but not least, you'll get all your documents & contracts translated, legalized and sent to your email address.

Home & Area Search

Home Search

We provide bespoke consulting services & commit to finding the right house for sale at the right place for you. If you've already found the desired property, that's absolutely fine. Just send as the details. We'll do the house checks for starters and continue with the rest of the steps.

Buy a House in Greece

Buy a House in Greece

We are your trusted partner when buying your house in Greece. We take care of all the details and ensure that all legal requirements are met before proceeding to the house contracts. The real estate transaction is overseen by our Agency and conducted by an Official Notary.

House renovation

House renovation

We commit to delivering your House in mint condition running like clockwork. Additionally, we can increase the house energy efficiency by fitting exterior insulation, upgrading the heating/cooling system & adding double glazing windows where needed. Last, we can install new appliances and furniture.

Shipping & Storage Services

Shipping & Storage

When moving to Greece, your stuff come with you. We provide door-to-door shipping services for your belongings, furniture, appliances, vehicles & pet relocation. If secure storage is required we can arrange it as well. Unpacking is also an option for your furniture and appliances. Last, we take care of the customs if required during import.

Utilities set up

Utilities Set Up

We set you up with the internet, water, gas & electricity suppliers. All your utility bills will be sent to your email address. If you have a fireplace, we can have logs/firewood delivered and stockpiled at your house. Need a satellite dish? that's fine too.

Handyman services


We ensure the proper operation of all your appliances and that there will be no dripping faucets or burnt-out light bulbs. If larger scale repairs are needed (eg replacing a water pipe) we inform you and proceed upon your approval.

Temporary Accommodation

Temp Accommodation

We set you up with temp accommodation during house viewings or until everything is ready for you to move in. If you are on a busy schedule, we video record the house viewings and send them to your email.



We send all the paperwork translated & legalized to your email address. We register you for TIN, AMKA, Bank Account, Health & Car Insurance, Greek Driving License & Greek Car Plates if required.

Greek Golden Visa

Greek Golden Visa

Are you planning to buy a house in Greece? Is the propertys' value greater than 250 000 Eur? Check the facts below and feel free to contact us for any inquiries.

  • Houses value greater than 250 000 eur
  • Around 6 months to issue
  • Visa for core family members as well
  • Renewed every five years
  • Freely travel EU Schengen Area
  • Can be issued remotely
  • No obligation to stay in Greece
  • You must have No Criminal Convictions
  • Citizenship if live & pay taxes in Greece for 7 years
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For further inquiries, please feel free to contact us.

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    You start by filling out our online questionaire (link here). Upon receival and within 10 days, we will send you 5 houses matching your criteria. Next, we arrange either a skype or a phone call to go through the selected houses together. After, successfully identifying the ideal properties we proceed to house viewings and house checks.

    If you can't visit Greece or travel to view all selected properties, we shoot videos of the requested houses and forward them to your email address. Alternatively, we can arrange temp accommodation and accompany you to all house viewings. House video shootings, airport pickup, temp accommodation and accompanied viewings incur an upfront cost which is later on deducted from our fee. House viewings is an optional service and can be skipped since the house deemed for purchase undergoes extensive checks.

    Yes you can. We have developed a well structured process that allows any national to buy a house in Greece remotely. The time required to complete the purchase process may vary depending on your country of nationality.

    Our fee is 3% of your investment with a minimum of 16 000 EUR.
    Other third party major costs that you should have in mind are:
    The House Purchase TAX: 3.09%
    The Notary Public fee: 0.95%-1.5%
    The Real Estate Agent's fee: 1%-2%

    Apart from finding the right property for you,we
    _ Check the house plans,house mortgages,house extensions permissions,structural condition,seller's indebtedness certificate, title deeds etc,
    _ Apply for a Greek Tax ID on your behalf (required),
    _ Help you open a Greek Bank Account (extremely helpful),
    _ Connect the house to the water & electricity provider and
    _ Ensure that everything will go as planned with the minimum time and effort on your part.
    On completion of our collaboration, you receive your house contracts, house keys and 1 year of after sales support.
    Additional services ( eg. House Renovation, Golden Visa Application) may incure additional costs. In any case, expect to receive a detailed listing of costs along with our offer.

    We invest in long-lasting relationships and we are available at all times to our clients. In addition, we provide accounting services on an annual basis, which is a requirement for both natural and legal entities owning properties in Greece. A real estate property tax known as the ENFIA is charged every year. Our role, as always, is to take care of the bureaucracy and keep you informed.